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posted by sarah at Minggu, Mei 11, 2014

This is a super-late-post

Hello there, its me Sarah.
Today I wanna post our photo from our caving experience at Kikim, Lahat Sumatera Selatan

at sekretariat BC
On 28/03/2014 we were going to Lahat

After about 5hours we arrived at Lahat and sleep at Nata's house. The day after that, we went to Kikim (I think its about 2 hours from lahat *im forget*)

After lunch, we started our journey to Seruman Patiwang (Goa Patiwang) and Seruman Kepayung 2. Its located above the hill. We had to walk about 5 hours to reach Dangau (a small house belongs to the farmer). the day after that we walk again to Seruman Patiwang which is located in the valley (about 2 hours from Dangau)

i love this scenery

coffe farmer. i think shes a super-woman!!

Photos above take from the road to Dangau

found this strange insect

Finally reach Seruman Patiwang!!

inside the cave


If i can describe this into a word, think this is like a "perjalanan mendaki bukit - lewati lembah - nyebrang sungai - masuk goa" *too hard to translate it into english*
it was super-amazing and unforgettable moment
unfortunately I cant join them into the cave cause we ain't bring enough tools

Well, i think thats all,
next I'll post about our rafting experience at Sungai Lematang, Lahat
staytune yaa..
see you!


the crescent moon girl
Just look up we are both under the same starry sky
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